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Tianjin Huichi Metal Material Co.,Ltd is a professional exporter of metal material products in China, located in Tianjin City. More than 10 years of development, we become the leader in north China market in metal material products. We have more than 1000 tons of perennial stock.
We are specialized in metal material products, especially in Stainless steel pipe, Stainless steel tube, Stainless steel sheet, Stainless steel coils, Stainless steel strip, Stainless steel bar, Alloy steel pipe, Alloy steel sheet, Alloy steel round bar, Alloy steel bar ,Aluminum alloy sheet, Aluminum alloy bar, Aluminum alloy pipe, Nickel Alloy Bar, Nickel alloy sheet, Nickel alloy pipe, Copper bar, Copper pipe, Copper sheet, Titanium bar, Titanium sheet, Titanium pipe and so on.
Our business purpose is: being the biggest metal material supplier all over the world! Our competitiveness comes from our professional. We will try to our best products and best service to welcome your cooperation.

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WeChat: 86-18822070408

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Whatsapp: 86-18822070408

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