Radation Sliding 3mmpb Lead Door for Protection
Radation Sliding 3mmpb Lead Door for Protection
Product Description
1. lead glass
Lead door
Thickness 1mmpb,2mmpb,3mmpb
Width 1000/1500mm, or other width as your requirement
Length 2200/2360mm,or other width as your requirement
Application acid-proof environment construction, medical radiation protection, X-ray, CT room radiation protection, aggravation and sound insulation
Product Range

Lead glass: the main properties of lead glass are clear and transparent protective shielding in optics. A kind of protective glass plate with specified attenuation performance with low optical quality is used,

and its attenuation performance is 0.22mmpb per millimeter; Applicable scope can be installed in the X-ray inspection and CT scanning observation window Laboratory of the protective window goggles of the

lens airport security inspection X-ray screen and industrial detection protection window

Lead glass is a brittle material with a large proportion. When moving, it is necessary to take it lightly. When installing, it is necessary to mix the glass around the glass with the wall anti radiation coating to

prevent the radiation from leaking at the joint. Because of the rich lead and barium, the lead glass is easy to be polluted by acid and alkali, and it is not easy to install or store in acid gas or wet environment.

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