China Cost Weight Cap 4 Inch Aluminum Pipe in Stock
China Cost Weight Cap 4 Inch Aluminum Pipe in Stock
Product Description
1. 6063 extruded aluminum alloy pipe
2.Standard:ASTM B209-04,B210M-05,B234M-04,B241-02,B221M-05a, EN 573-3-2003, JIS H4000-2006,H4080-2006,H4040-2006, 
3.Length: 2000/4000/6000/9000mm, or other length as you requirements.
4Surface: mill surface; anodizing surface; polished surface; powder coated surface; colorful anodizing surface
5.Process:heat extrusion, cold drawing, forged,
Aluminum pipe/Aluminum tube
Aluminum Round Pipe Diameter  Wall Thickness Process
1-20mm 0.1-0.5mm Cold Drawn
6-500mm 0.5-50mm Extruded
90-300mm 5-20mm Seamless
200-800mm 20-100mm Forged
Aluminum Square Tube 10*10-300*300mm 1-10mm Extruded

Product Range
Material Grade we have  
1)1000series aluminium /Pure Aluminum/Pure Aluminium:1050,1060,1070,1080,1100,1350,etc
2)2000series aluminium alloy/Hard Aluminum/Hard Aluminium/Aluminum-Copper Alloy/ Aluminium-Copper Alloy:2011,2014,2017,2024,etc
3)3000series aluminium alloy/ Rust-Proof Aluminum/Rust-Proof Aluminium/ Aluminum-Manganese Alloy:3002,3003,3104,3204,3030,etc
4)5000series aluminium alloy/ Rust-Proof Aluminum/Rust-Proof Aluminium /Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy:5005,5025,5052,5040,5054,5056,5083,5152,etc
5)6000series aluminium alloy / Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy /Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy /:6101,6003,6061,6063,6020,6201,6262,6082,etc
6)7000series aluminium alloy/ Aluminum-Zinc Alloy/ Aluminium-Zinc Alloy:7003,7005,7050,7075,etc

7)8000series aluminium alloy:8011,etc

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